QB CAR (11)
5 years ago

Ex-NFL player Ross Tucker stated on Friday's Football Today podcast that he heard from "several people" that Cam Newton was a "different guy" when he reported to Panthers training camp in 2012.

Tucker credits outgoing OC Rob Chudzinski with turning Newton around after his work ethic and commitment were spotty at the beginning of the season. "I think he did a fantastic job with Cam Newton last year, and even helping him recover this year," Tucker said of Chudzinski. "I had heard, even in training camp, that Cam Newton was a different guy from a work ethic standpoint. I don't think that the slow start, I'm not putting that on Chud based on what I've heard from several people." For seven years now, Tucker said he's been told "unprompted" by coaches around the league that Chudzinski is an outstanding teacher. If Tucker is right, Chud's departure to Cleveland may be concerning for Newton in 2013.