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I'm sure that you have heard all the possibilities for team names involving Brandon Weeden. Most folks think the Browns are a desperate team that has to throw it up 35-50 times a game. Well, it's true they do. It's awful and it's great for guys who need bye week support. The truth is Weeden is about to pass a few pretty big names on the top players chart after this week. Take out week one and you have some pretty eye opening numbers.

Stats for weeks 2-7:

1,665 yards (average of 277.5 per contest.)

9 TD's (average 1.5 per game)

142/237 59.9 percent completion

These numbers are from a rookie quarterback getting comfortable with playing at this level. The emergence of Josh Gordon as a big play threat has really ignited the passing game. Talk out of Cleveland this week is that Trent Richardson is getting put on the shelf for the next two weeks. While the absence of an effective running game can hurt your passing numbers, I still like the start this week against a San Diego defense that ranks 28th in points given up to QB's.

Take a look at Weeden's schedule going forward and the rank against QBs.

Did Christmas come early? Weeks 8, 13, 14, and 15 look pretty darn good.

Week 8 SDG 28th

Week 9 BAL 6th

Week 10 bye

Week 11 @DAL 8th

Week 12 PIT 14th

Week 13 @OAK 24th

Week 14 KAN 25th

Week 15 WAS 26th

Week 16 @DEN 20th

Week 17 @PIT 14th

I seriously think, regardless of stats, that Weeden is capable of putting up 250 yards and two scores minimum. I think this week you should pay close attention to the Browns vs. Chargers game and see for yourself.

I see someone who doesn't get rattled easily and you can certainly see some chemistry with Greg Little and Josh Gordon. I see a strong armed QB who throws the ball where receivers are going. The footwork is improving and the clock in his head appears to be going off that says, "Get rid of the ball."

Weeden stands 6-foot-3 and goes about 220 pounds which makes him comparable to Jay Cutler in size. He can make all of the throws.

If you are in a dynasty league, I'd be real excited right now. Weeden is only going to get better. I'm buying now for real cheap and so should you because there is enough evidence now. You will be kicking yourself if you wait because it's only a matter of time before he puts a monster number up. I'm thinking the Chargers have trouble with the speed of the receivers this week. I also think that when Travis Benjamin gets through the learning curve that the Browns will really have something to cheer about.

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