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ESPN's Ed Werder confirms the Cowboys are "not optimistic" that DeMarco Murray (foot) will play in Week 11.

The team is still skeptical that Murray's sprained foot is "sufficiently healed." Murray has yet to officially practice since Week 6, and the Cowboys have two games in five days. He's not a lock to return on Thanksgiving.


ninja97 5 years ago


DrDoom511 5 years ago

This was the same kind of injury that sat DMC down last year. Just like Murray D-Mac thought hed be back in 1 or 2 weeks.. we didn't see him again.. Go FELIX JONES!!!!

hardknock27 5 years ago

Your a fantasy KILLER Murray. Such potential. Im beginning to think hes made of glass.

hardknock27 5 years ago

Im just hoping to have him for the playoffs.

Sienna 5 years ago

Hes done for the year

Nealson 5 years ago

If his foot is sufficiently healed, why isn't he playing. RB's play hurt all the time. I'll never draft him again.

AlabamaMan 5 years ago

Reading comprehension is not a strong suit of yours.

ethanhaney92 5 years ago

^^^ Hahahahaha

Rohde1998 5 years ago

I didn't draft him. I traded for him.