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ESPN NFL insider John Clayton expects the Cardinals to cut ties with Kevin Kolb in the offseason.

"Clearly Arizona has to do something at the quarterback position," said Clayton. "I don't know if they move on Alex Smith or draft a quarterback, but they've got to do something." Although Kolb did lead the Cardinals to four of their five victories this season, injuries have limited him to 15 of a possible 32 games in Arizona. In addition to a $9 million salary, Kolb is due a $2 million roster bonus in March. The Cardinals owe him no more guaranteed money.


mevic1 5 years ago

Their going to cut a guy that's provided hope for them simply because they can't protect him and as a result had the QB woes all season? GET OUT WELL YOU CAN FITZ!!! Seriously, at least keep him as a backup, they'll need one of those too even if they manage to get Vick, Smith, a great draft QB or someone else.

mevic1 5 years ago

Oh man my grammar was terrible, lesson learned: don't comment when you're exhausted.

MGD64 5 years ago

I don't get it. He was pretty good when he was in. This has to be about money. He gives them the best chance to win. Though I guess with Vick, Smith, and any number of the Jets on the market, the time to start over is now.

SupernaturalFan 5 years ago

Thank goodness