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ESPN 1500 Twin Cities suggests the Vikings may shop Joe Webb this offseason to a team that runs a read-option offense.

In Webb's lone quarterback appearance of 2012 -- the Wild Card loss to Green Bay -- he moved the offense in the read-option before OC Bill Musgrave inexplicably used a traditional look the rest of the way. 2013 is a contract year for Webb, so this offseason would be Minnesota's last opportunity to get something for him via trade. He might bring back a seventh-round pick.


Terry4tw 5 years ago

Joe Webb should not be playing quarterback.

joegibbskins07 5 years ago

if he moved the ball well in the read-option and the OC shut it down in favor of the pro-style in a playoff game, the OC should not have a job.

Ghost_Lombardi 5 years ago

Did you watch that Packers v Vikings playoff? Webb was killing earthworms a la McNabb at his worst. Every throw. Right before the half he bounced a ball about 15 yards short of an open WR.

Webb is a phenomenal athlete with no position in the NFL.