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Eli Manning says he's got more "pop" in his throwing arm coming off the Giants' bye week.

"I think it definitely had a little bit more pop to it (Monday)," Manning said. "That's something, you take a week off and you definitely get a little bit more fire. It was coming out good." Manning insists a tired arm wasn't behind the paltry 212.4 yards he averaged between Weeks 6-10, but his words continue to tacitly admit otherwise. We expect a rested Eli to look much sharper against the Packers' bottom-12 pass defense this Sunday.


SSVaporizer 5 years ago

Eli or Kapernick

stropyc 5 years ago

Eli or Freeman?

dcurly 5 years ago

im in the same situation

chrislee83 5 years ago

dalton or eli?

Alpha-Warrior 5 years ago

Dalton. I am hesitating to start Eli because no other QB had 3 bad games in a row as eli! He has to prove again he is worth to start him. Because he has caused me many lost games in the last 4 Weeks.

LisaMartin 5 years ago

I have the same choice to make. It's always hard to bench a Manning, but I think I'll go with Dalton, too...

Crockett25 5 years ago

I have that same scenario and I plan to use Dalton too. Go with the hot hand until Eli can prove it was a fluke.

BMO 5 years ago

Dalton....IT'S AGAINST OAKLAND!!! Look whatGreen Bay did to Houston & Chicago! until Eli redeems himself, it's a no brainer...

gmenchronic 5 years ago

I agree with all of you about Eli right now. Now I will make a case for him. Yes Green Bays pass defense looked great against Chicago and Houston. But look the quarterback's, yes I may be giants fan, but its safe to say that Eli is far more elite that Schaub and Cutler. Now lets look at some facts, Green bays pass defense is ranked 21st ave 245 against them a game.. Oaklands is 24st with 253 avg against them. And the fact that elite quarterbacks put up numbers on green bay, and Eli career avg vs Green bay is 346 yds 3 tds and 1 pick avg against green bay. I know he has struggled, but its Eli Manning. He has literally done this the last 6 seasons. Go into a mid season slump, then come out with big numbers in the second have to the season. I know its a risk, im not saying start Eli over those guys, but myself im starting him over peyton manning, and im not a homer when it comes to fantasy, peyton has started the last 6 out of 7 weeks for my team. I just have a feeling this is Elis week, cause you know he can come out of know where and put up 400 yds and 3 tds, esp with his receiving core healthiest its been all season. Good luck guys!

littleguys 5 years ago

I agree the closer it gets to playoffs the better eli plays look at last years run and I'm not a giants fan but he is one off the best qbs to have in the playoffs