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Eagles vice president of player personnel Ed Marynowitz suggests that Tebow has improved as a player since his time with the Patriots, ESPN.com reports. "We had exposure to him live when he was with New England, when they practiced here," Marynowitz noted Thursday. "When we worked him out, we saw a great deal of improvement with him."

That's not to suggest that Tebow is a lock to make an impact with the Eagles, but he is slated to compete for a spot on the team's QB depth chart and any improvement in his throwing technique would obviously help him in that regard. Moreover, the report suggests that it's possible that if Tebow sticks with the Eagles, he could emerge as something of a two-point conversion specialist for the team down the road.


[Deleted User] 5 years ago

Makes absolutely no freakin sense to me. We trade McCoy and bring in 2 of the best north south rb's in the league to give Tebow the ball at the 1 yard line. wtf?! smh. I'm pretty damn sure they brought Tebow in because Bradford is not ready to throw yet. Or wait just a minute... A lot of the Mariota talk has dissipated due to Tebow talk... Maybe that's all part of Chip's master plan... Seriously, this is becoming a joke in Philly. I can't even listen to talk radio anymore, but hey what are they supposed to talk about? Flyers, Phillies, Sixers? Oh that's right, they all suck.

joegibbskins07 5 years ago

caps/islanders playoff series is pretty intense. they can talk about that or they can talk about the Wizards tight playoff series. Maybe about TO and how he should have stayed or they can talk about how KC went from worst to one of the best in the AFC. What they will be talking about is the great player the Rams got with that 2nd round pick and how the Rams went from worst to first with Foles at QB and Bradford on IR, Sanchez tossing picks and Tebow thanking god when he gets hammered on crap trick plays that we all know is coming. Dont think Mathews qualifies as one of the best north south runners when he only had one respectable season to hang his hat on. Murray has always been good, it just took the cowboys several years to figure out how to run the ball. now that they did, they kick him in favor of the pass game that never got them past 8-8. THATS what philly radio can talk about!!!

86METS 5 years ago

I wonder if philly's veterans and Coaches can help teach Murray how to protect the ball, it would make him so lethal the QB would have a feast with play action passes

[Deleted User] 5 years ago

I agree with you both. The best part is when I have to hear a constant game by game breakdown of wins and losses for the upcoming season. No one can honestly have any freaking clue at this point who the Eagles starters will be or what type of offense Chip will attempt to run! Lets just all wine and attempt to wax intellectually by contemplating all of the if's. What a joke. At the end of last season all I wanted was for Foles to get healthy and to focus on getting the best secondary players through free agency and the draft. Imagine that same Eagles team from 2014 with a healthy Foles along with all of the players Chip let go and a better defense. Why stop there. Let's go back 2 years and throw Desean back in the mix. Sounds like a pretty good team to me. If we don't win the division and at least a playoff game this year, I hope we win 3 games.