QB NO (5)
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Drew Brees had one of the worst games of his Saints career in New Orleans' Week 8 loss to the Broncos, completing just 22-of-42 passes for 213 yards, two touchdowns and an interception.

With 5:27 to go in the fourth, Brees had just 145 passing yards and a 58.2 QB rating before massaging his numbers in garbage time. Brees made some poor throws, and appeared to have some difficulty seeing over the Broncos' defensive line, but was mostly a victim of great defense. Denver played sensational coverage, and more-or-less erased Brees' patented underneath game. It was an impressive effort from Jack Del Rio's unit. Although it seems like nothing is going right for the Saints, it's hard to be worried about Brees after one bad week. He entered Week 8 averaging 349.5 yards per game. He'll get the equally embattled Eagles in Week 9.


Hernandez7 5 years ago

Drew brees or RG3 this week?

BrianV 5 years ago

Just delete your account...