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Doug Martin believes he's finally hitting his stride as an NFL running back after a slow start because the "game is slowing down for me."

We noticed Martin not hitting the hole with confidence and generally playing tentatively and sluggishly in the first four games. He's been on an absolute tear in the past four. "It comes with being more comfortable with the offense," Martin said. "The game is slowing down for me, and just being more decisive in my decision making, which hole to hit and how fast I need to hit it. Overall, it's just clicking." ESPN's Merril Hoge called Martin, "As a complete a back as I've seen. There's not a down you have to take him out."


lolos 5 years ago

forte and martin have helped me win 3 in a row, martin is AWESOME

Flywron 5 years ago

Need to start 2 RB. need Some Advice

J.Charles , BGE, V.Ballard, R. Jennings, or F. Jones ?????

Rishmeizter 5 years ago

charles jones

BariC 5 years ago

I picked up Martin after I got AR,and RG3.....they all laughed,now everyones so pissed at me.

swagster 5 years ago

I traded him after the fourth week x(

ECoastThunder 5 years ago

Feels good to beat the team with doug martin, martin alone had 62 points in our league- 141 to 131

Highnizzle 5 years ago

I told the Blackbeast (rib eater) about this guy and turned him on to him and then he stole him from me in the draft. Now he's going to go in the 1st round 2nd at the latest next year which is entirely too high for an inconsistent back such as the rookie Martin. He's not Ray Rice (yet)

ACDC_rip12 5 years ago

Not enough from him to tell whether he's inconsisent or not. He's only a rookie, but so far from what we've seen from him he's looked great. Ever since his bye week he's gotten it together. He already has a better rookie year than Ray, it took Rice 2 seasons to get atleast 30 points, week 15 vs the Saints in 2010.

dookranger 5 years ago

Cadalac Williams looked outstanding his rookie year too, for the Bucs, now you can't find him with a search light!

Pelly_24-7 5 years ago

Stole him for martellus bennett and greg jennings lol.

FrenchyFoo 5 years ago

called this last year. got him in three leagues!

jstrautman 5 years ago

to think I drafted him sixth rnd.......whatta beast

TouchdownBundy 5 years ago

cmon Martin lets get it together. yea, you did ok on the ground but only 21 rec yards, pathetic!!! (end sarcastic font)

btw something that I haven't heard too many (if any) people mention. Doug Martin has one helluva stiff arm.

p.s. Lagarrette Blount (not Martin) is my new fav player. His fumble caused a Raiders TD (which went to my TE) and then the Bucs had to answer with another Dougie TD. Nice job Blount!!! your ineptitude gave me two extra TD's.

Fantana 5 years ago

Nice, I had the same set up--Martin + Palmer. Love it

kentymac 5 years ago

wow this guy's real good ....he'll be my #1 rb next year fo sho

Chicago-Scares 5 years ago

My team has Martin, Brandon Marshall and the Chicago Bears DEF. Those three players by themselves beat every team in my league this week. And, yeah, everyone in my league is hearing about it.

TK3000 5 years ago

I also had Marshall and Martin! Coupled with SD Def. Decker and Mayers = 204 points. Great Week :)

TouchdownBundy 5 years ago

and I thought I had a good week w/ Martin, VJax, Rodgers, Decker and Myers. umm... well I did have a good week but probably not as good as yours (Def and K killed me). Needless to say, I still have the record high score for the year in my league. NICE.

585MVP 5 years ago

nice i got martin, brandon marshall, chicago d, aj green, rodgers. nice week for my team. 8-1 for the season.

Fantana 5 years ago

Palmer, Martin, Foster, Jimmy Graham, Torrey Smith, Malcolm Floyd, Houston Defense in a 20 team league... 161 points, new record. 8-1 for season. My Eagles tore my heart out in reality football, but at least I have this.

redskins_fan77 5 years ago

hitting his stride?? you think!?! 52.2 points is crazy lol

Mwk84 5 years ago

Luck, Martin, Leshoure (rookie rampage) plus fitz and forte carrying me this week. 216pnts!