WR DAL (6)
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Dez Bryant said his hip injury was "fine" during Sunday night's loss to the Falcons.

Bryant took a pain-killing injection before the game and appeared to be running well. He just wasn't a factor in the gameplan, catching one ball for 15 yards on four targets. "When you look back, everybody on the team can probably get a couple more passes each game, but it's based off what they're giving you defensively," Tony Romo said. "Dez knows that." It will help if Bryant can get some practice time in this week.


eracer59 5 years ago

Hips ok, the rest of Dez sucks

downieboyz 5 years ago

QUESTION: What does AJ Green, Julio Jones, Wes Welker, Victor Cruz, Eric Decker, Vincent Jackson, Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant and every other WR in the NFL have in common?

ANSWER: If you don't throw them the football they cannot catch the football.

loureirogja 5 years ago

That's right! Dez is a good WR.

Snake_bitten 5 years ago

Wow, who would have thought the Falcons would have shut the cowboys passing game down? Maybe I was the only one. lol