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DeSean Jackson caught five passes for 62 yards versus the Cowboys in Week 10.

Jackson showcased his run-after-catch ability on a 31-yard screen that set up Riley Cooper's 2-yard touchdown on the opening drive. He drew a 20-yard pass interference penalty on Morris Claiborne on a play that would have gone for big yardage. On pace for a career-high 1,220 yards, Jackson remains a top-25 option against the Redskins porous secondary in Week 11.


J0hns1n 5 years ago

The Eagles should take a line out of the Vikings' play book and start using him in the passing game like Harvin

djm180 5 years ago

Rip-off!!! He should have scored a 40-yard TD on that 31-yard screen. I saw the path he could have taken and he made the wrong move. The Eagles aren't using him enough and their play calling could be a lot better too.

Snake_bitten 5 years ago

agreed. Jackson for the most part disappeared and it was the Maclin show almost all game.

stormrunner10 5 years ago

its true that jackson is the best wide reciever on the team they have got to get the ball to him more

Timbow 5 years ago

Hell of a receiver when he wants to be. I think that is why he does not get the ball as much as he could.

flavor-country 5 years ago

i drafted him based on his new contract.. figured he would play harder.. if u read the stat line he is on pace for a career yr. too bad my league needs 80yrds before it counts... :(