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DeMarco Murray (foot) returned to practice Thursday, as expected.

Murray earned a rest day Wednesday by racking up 52 touches in his first two games back from injury. He'll be ready to rock against the Steelers' No. 5 run defense Sunday.


NaCHOburger 4 years ago

murray or wilson?

amybee 4 years ago

Murray or CJ?

KingWilmes 4 years ago

Spiller? Then for sure

amybee 4 years ago

chris johnson

Turchman 4 years ago

Murray vs Steelers or Moreno vs Ravens

NickTamson 4 years ago

I'm in the same boat as you...I played Bryce Brown last night...I have Murray, Steven Jackson, and Moreno and need two....I currently have Moreno and S Jax in, but I'm thinking about taking one out for Murray.

geewiz 4 years ago

In a dilemma.....someone in my league wants me to trade them Murray for jordy Nelson. Good move or no?

obsequious 4 years ago


folletteal 4 years ago

I would say no.

Snyderbeef 4 years ago


RyRy101 4 years ago

Not now.. I would of said yeah 6 weeks ago! haha Especially if you held onto him this whole time like I did, now they want to trade...