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Daniel Thomas rushed 12 times for 33 yards in Week 11 against the Bills.

Reggie Bush was stuck in reverse early on and couldn't get anything rolling on the ground with the offensive line generating no push. Thomas came in and handled the fourth offensive series, but that is standard for Miami's offense to let Thomas get his cut. The two backs will likely continue to share work, but Thomas isn't a fantasy option against the Seahawks in Week 12.


jjoyave1 5 years ago

lol. But seriously, their shtty play came out of nowhere. Just two weeks ago I was talkin about how impressive Philbin was with a dolphs fan buddy of mine.

ahphooey 5 years ago

Wow! Miami really laid an egg, big time. I guess I should have listened to Mike Francesca when he said the trend for Thursday night games is the home team kills it. Damn Thomas, that hurt!

CitySliker 5 years ago

Dah...Thomas was supposed to roll over the Bills...NOT

Prash11 5 years ago

That line in MIA was MIA on thursday night. Even Long was getting beat. No one one would have ran well with that kind of play from an offense of line. On top of that they dont have a WR that can keep the D honest.

MWFLB 5 years ago

Very true- the opposing defense can key on stopping the run, and can dare the QB to throw to beat them. Balance is important, as we all know.

SouthernStars 5 years ago


jjoyave1 5 years ago

Anyone else read the whole thing?

Riggs44R 5 years ago

Yes, I did. Don't know if he's booing the fact he even has Thomas or the Dolphins in general?