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Danario Alexander says his left knee now feels "just like" his right knee.


TMAK7 5 years ago

Great news. Does his left hand feel like his right hand? Thanks for the insight there Chester. I will sway my decision to pick up Denario.

G-R-I-M 5 years ago

D.A. has some bad matchups the rest of the way - a one week wonder who might not top 5 catches again the rest of the season - I actually like Riley Coopers (Maclin/Avant injured) chances going forward more than DA's -

balancedinteger 5 years ago

Great news...if you own M. Floyd.

Yoshi 5 years ago

I'm going with Danario. Everytime I start floyd I lose.

rmaxtpmx 5 years ago

i wouldn't start any charger not named antonio gates, especially with a tough schedule ahead. they're just not good, and any success any one player has, is far too sporadic for my tastes. i suppose if you have a big league and are dealing with injuries and stuff, you don't have much of a choice, but otherwise, forget it.

Jay-Kay 5 years ago

(...i guess we need to figure out if the right knee is feeling good or bad before we assume too much.)

haha... what an update!

JPorenick 5 years ago

He has had 5 surgeries on his left knee. he is saying the left knee is good.

SS_MagicMark 5 years ago

Or that the right knee is very bad.

rmaxtpmx 5 years ago

haha touche.

Takeit2thehouse 5 years ago

What the heck does that mean? Which knee is an issue and does this mean it's better or worse?

JKahn913 5 years ago

"... except for that mole."

ChrisWanner 5 years ago

both dont feel as good as his we knee--)

dhinske 5 years ago


dhinske 5 years ago




sleekviper 5 years ago

With that screen name you didn't put as good as his high knee??

SalsaEater 5 years ago

Danario's right knee, they later added, feels suspiciously like his left knee as well. LOL

rhc333 5 years ago

In other news, Ben Roethlisberger's right shoulder has been abruptly evicted. Mr. Roethlisbergers' left shoulder could not be reached of comment. We will be following this breaking story very closely.

SalsaEater 5 years ago

hahaha oh so you're a funny f***er, huh?

rhc333 5 years ago

whats a f***er? you must have meant 'feller'. thanks! i eat salsa to!

bignate13 5 years ago

So what are we supposed to take from this?!?!?

Yoshi 5 years ago

Nothing. He is still the same. They are just trying to make a very bad joke out of this.

MrBones 5 years ago

is this good...or bad?

CarmineM 5 years ago

lmfaoooo probably bad

sleekviper 5 years ago

Bad...he can't dance with two right knees so do not expect any touchdowns.

bman86 5 years ago

Shut Up Abe

MrBones 5 years ago

I've been hawked

JeRmZ 5 years ago

Amazing piece of information!!!

CarmineM 5 years ago