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Cowboys executive VP Stephen Jones remains focused on signing Tony Romo to a contract extension that will allow him to retire with the organization.

Romo has come under fire for his 15 turnovers, but the Cowboys realize the quarterback shouldn't shoulder 100 percent of the blame. It's not clear if the sides are still discussing a contract, but the team's brass still hopes to get an extension done before his current deal expires after the 2013 season. "We still feel that way," Jones said. "We've got a lot of confidence in Tony. Tony has a lot of confidence in himself. He is going to be fine. He is not the problem."


shawntkstr5 5 years ago

As a Giants fan i say please keep Tony Romo as a Cowboy for the rest of his career. I enjoy watching him and his team wilt under the pressure every season. Supposed to have all this talent and their headed for another .500 season and no playoffs. Im so heartbroken for them. Lol!!!

Riggs44R 5 years ago

That's how I feel about the iggles keeping Vick and Reid.

CowboyDoc 5 years ago

Romo is who he is; a TOUGH gungslinger, (OT win against SF with a seperated shoulder), who will at time take unecesary chances. Other teams have won SB bowls with a lot less talent at QB; the Ravens and Bucs are two. Dallas lacks leadership on a off the field. Jones needs to fire himself, hire a GM who knows the game, and sit back an enjoy watching. Dallas doses not know how to win, to take command of a game, to close it out. They expect to faulter and find a way to lose at the end of a game and so they do; either with bad time managment, pentalties, or a 3 man rush that forces Romo to retreat back 20 yards. And the other teams know this also. I am one of the few Cowboys fans that pull for Romo, we need tough, football leadership, that will filter down to the players. Jimmy Johnson, where are you??

rmaxtpmx 5 years ago

Everyone who gives this guy a hard time doesn't know anything about football, and/or has never seen a Cowboys game. He's no Peyton Manning, but he's a heck of a talent that is on an incredibly dysfunctional team that can't ever get anything right, which starts from the top, down. Jerry Jones is and has always been a horrible owner, concerned only with money and flash, and refuses to relinquish any power to the people who actually know the game, and is thus consistently surrounded by an inadequate coaching staff and a locker room full of high end athletes who can't play football.

Watch a game without anti-Cowboys bias (which is just as retarded as non-Dallas resident pro-Cowboys bias), and you'll find that most of Romo's interceptions are the cause of pathetic receivers and a horrendous O-line. The ones that are his fault are merely a result of him trying to do too much. He does tend to over react and fold under pressure, but it's a pressure that should never exist with the kind of talent that surrounds him, yet can't ever manage to do anything right.

begs 5 years ago

cowboys coach sucks, he's personally responsible for at least 3 losses in the last 2 seasons just for calling bad timeouts! let alone all the crappy coaching he does

Riggs44R 5 years ago

You're an IDIOT! "which is just as retarded as non-Dallas resident pro-Cowboys bias". You do realize that they're still America's team and they have fans all over the world, let alone all over this country!!!! Figures, you'd be one of those moron's that was told and brainwashed into liking his neighbors brothers uncles team! I live in the Burbs of FILTHadelphia(because I can afford to) and have always hated EVERYTHING about the iggles!!! The snowballs at Santa, the batteries, the jail in stadium, the 700 level brawls and dorks involved in them, the bad hiring of coaches, the horrible draft picks and bad signings, the "scrambling" QB's, dumba$$ Reid/Roseman/Morninweg, DUHsean and all of the annoying "fans" that call into the sports radio station in this area!

justincredible0 5 years ago

omg lol have the all the dallas fans moved on to being texans fans yet?

LegendoftheGame 5 years ago

Cowboys fan here I say put it all as incentive laiden $ only maybe we'll find out just how good he is/could be ?. inquireing minds want to know

ten-a-key18 5 years ago

good luck

jjmazgay 5 years ago

Romo or josh freeman this week?

Chuckles-2 5 years ago

I have both QB's, and I'm benching Romo and playing Freeman this week.

mjp 5 years ago

Tony OHNO is my QB2 behind Tom Terrific, -bye-.

Is Tony due for some fantastic breakout game?

ten-a-key18 5 years ago