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Colt McCoy said that there's "no place I'd rather be" than Cleveland.

Credit McCoy for saying all the right things even though he's been on the trade block ever since the Browns drafted Brandon Weeden. Through two preseason games, he's 10-of-14 for 146 yards with no touchdowns or interceptions. Although coach Pat Shurmur says the battle between McCoy and Seneca Wallace for the No. 2 job remains wide open, most observers expect the Browns to move on from McCoy before Week 1.


fbteamster 5 years ago

Totally agree with 858 and PortlandExpress. McCoy is a winner. Maybe not with the Browns who have treated him like crap the past two years. Shumar wouldn't know a winner if it bit him in the "N__ts". A team will pick him up and in a year he'll be a starter. Joegibbskins07 sounds like someone from D.C. Those of us in Texas could care less what D.C. thinks. Joegibbskins07 face reality. Let's consider the QB problems in DC the past two years!

858 5 years ago

Really? Let's remember all the past Brown's QBs that have been absolutely BUSTS. Where are they now?

PortlandExpress 5 years ago

Cleveland's loss is another teams gain. He will be a winner. joegibbskins07- where has your head been? McCoy is a winner.

PortlandExpress 5 years ago

What crap!

joegibbskins07 5 years ago

a.... thats so sweet.