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Coach Ron Rivera said Steve Smith sat out garbage time in Week 10 to get him rest and allow the Panthers to evaluate younger receivers.

Smith finished with one catch for 19 yards in a loss to the Broncos that sent the Panthers to 2-7. "We're at a point now where we're looking at guys," Rivera said. "Steve's a professional and he understands that." The good news for Smith is that the Panthers face the Bucs' league-worst secondary in Week 11.


MrPaulus 5 years ago

Wasn't Steve Smith.... Vince Newton is the one sucking..... I watched alittle of the game and Vince Newton was over/under throwing to a wide open Smith..... He couldn't even hit Smith on a screen :(

SamBair 5 years ago

Yeah I've watched every game off and on because i have sunday ticket and have Steve Smith. Cam sucks. I guess against the Bucs D he's still a good start but if he doesn't pop off for 100 yds and a TD I'll be giving up hope.

p8n017 5 years ago

yeah he better step it up.. him and cam and rivera.