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Coach Romeo Crennel suggested that Peyton Hillis' effectiveness Sunday was a reason for Jamaal Charles' light workload.

Hillis did look spry in his first game back from an ankle injury, but he saw just four carries. We're beginning to wonder if Crennel has any idea what is going on offensively. "We were rotating our backs in there. Hillis was back and he was able to get some carries. He was somewhat effective. When a guy's effective, we kind of stay with him a little bit," Crennel said. Expect a much larger dose of Charles against the Chargers Thursday, with Hillis staying in a change-of-pace role.


djm180 5 years ago

That whole offense should just be centered around runs with Charles or Hillis and screen passes to Charles or Hillis. They ask a guy like Matt Cassel to throw bombs downfield to Bowe. They should throw that in there once in a while, but mostly go with screen passes, tosses, and runs, maybe some trick plays and option type plays. Or even the Wildcat! This team was totally ruined by bad coaching.

KuatoBaradaNikt 5 years ago

If you think the Chiefs offense is asking Cassel to throw deep to Bowe all game long, I don't think you're watching the games. It's first down, predictable run play gets stuffed. Second down, 3 yard pass to the flats. Third down, incomplete pass down the middle or interception on an out route. They tried the Wildcat a couple of times against Oakland and it fell pretty flat.

G-R-I-M 5 years ago

Crennell - Another great D-Cord that knows squat about being a Head Coach and running...literally running an offense...

Crumper 5 years ago

Crennel are you kidding me ?? a guy like JC you just gotta let him RUN !!!