WR CLE (9)
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Coach Mike Munchak promised Monday to find more ways to involve Kenny Britt in the offense during the Titans' Week 11 bye.

Munchak acknowledged that getting Britt back into the swing of things has been a "work in progress" after no training camp and three knee surgeries. Britt did lead the Titans with six targets in Week 10, but secured just two for 36 yards and has struggled with drops for most of the season. We still like Britt as a buy-low target in Dynasty leagues and re-draft as a potential stretch-run difference maker. He should be more productive with Jake Locker back.


justin_2pac 5 years ago

how many weeks in a row is Munchump going to say this before people stop believing him? i know i stopped long ago....he should be a politician!

KNIGHTHAWK10 5 years ago

This guy is a massive embarrassment to himself and the team! I kept him has a keepêr all year and dumped him after 3 weeks of nothing from him! All hype no go! Just like Chad, Sidney and others like them!

StatsMcGee 5 years ago

Sidney has been a solid WR3 in most leagues all season.

TouchdownBundy 5 years ago

yea, disagree on Rice too. He's been playing well lately especially w/ the improved play of Russell Wilson.

TouchdownBundy 5 years ago

the only way to get Britt more involved is to play him at QB cuz he certainly has trouble catching the ball maybe he can throw it. Plus the Titans QB's haven't been very good this year. You've got nothing to lose except your job (which you will lose at the end of the season anyways)