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Coach Marvin Lewis said TE Jermaine Gresham is "putting the team on his shoulders."

Lewis is exercising some hyperbole here, but Gresham is certainly playing at a high level in both the blocking and pass-catching game right now. Over the last three weeks, he's averaging 5.0 catches for 64.0 yards with one touchdown and has had another score reversed on replay. Gresham's lack of speed and elusiveness will always be a stumbling block, but he's clearly the No. 2 receiver for Andy Dalton. "He's playing like we expect Jermaine to keep playing; he's doing a great job," Lewis said. "He's really had a good season, and he's getting better each and every week."


ACIwithpie 5 years ago

cuz aj green doesnt exist

sleekviper 5 years ago

The guy is 6'5" 260lbs....who in the world ever expected speed and elusiveness to be part of the package? Rumblin', bumblin', stumblin' is what he brings, and it works pretty well.

GreenbayGumby 5 years ago

I need him to step up, I had Gronk.

flavor-country 5 years ago

u and me both buddy.... lets hope that b.s. 2 week push is real lol

cmonmang 5 years ago

me 3 I had Gronk... thinking of grabbing Marcedes for him... what you think?

flavor-country 5 years ago

I don't know .. a.buddy says with jacksonvile switching qbs Mercedes has more up side. I just want gronk back

lansinger 5 years ago

me 4... weird

Panama73 5 years ago

He definitely isn't talking about my fantasy team. 7.1 points per game average, c'mon man!

Fletchisawesome 5 years ago

u must not be in a ppr league then- he gets like 16 points a game in our ppr league

IWJay 5 years ago

After the top 4 or 5 TEs in the league, its a big drop off..






The next 10 are on the same tier..






If you don't have the top 4-5 TEs, expect mediocre stats with a few elite mixed in..That is what you get with Gresham...

...and 7.1 PPG average is pretty decent in a standard scoring league for a TE..