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Chargers coach Norv Turner said Ryan Mathews (neck) hasn't improved enough to the point where he can practice, and added "missing a Wednesday and Thursday sets player back."


swagster 5 years ago


G-R-I-M 5 years ago

Why is he not listed as "Questionable" then? - Nice of the coach to say one thing and the team injury report says something else. . .

RodneyByrd 5 years ago

Norv Turner might be the worst coach EVER! You wonder why your team sucks as you continually under use your most talented player (Mathews) and replace him with garbage (Battle & Brown)!

Snake_bitten 5 years ago

If he isn't going to play can you just say so please? We all know you have hard-ons for Brown and Battle anyway. Best to just get it all out there.