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Champ Bailey referred to A.J. Green as "special" following Sunday's head-to-head matchup.

Green got the best of Bailey, posting a 7/99/1 line. It was the first touchdown Bailey has given up since Week 13 of last year. "I don't know what his ceiling is. ... Anything he did today didn't surprise me. He's just one of the best, you know? You've got to give him credit," Bailey said. Green has scored at least one touchdown in seven straight games and is averaging 91.8 yards per game on the season. He's unstoppable.


EvanPackers12 5 years ago

andy dalton should still throw more to green i mean everytime he throws greens way it a completion

Sofakingkyle 5 years ago

Green isnt going to magically be open every play. Dalton throws it to him when he creates separation...

EvanPackers12 5 years ago

like calvin johnson it dont matter if hes covered he will catch anyways

rmaxtpmx 5 years ago

yep, not too many guys with that kind of talent. fitz, calvin, and green are about it when it comes to being cover proof.