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Cardinals president Michael Bidwill said at his Monday press conference that he is "not willing to give up on Kevin Kolb yet."

"That's one of the questions we will really focus on with the coaching staff candidates," Bidwill said. "How do we see about Kevin and his performance and how we can turn him into the quarterback of the future here for the Cardinals and make that decision, if he is the right guy?" ESPN's John Clayton said just two weeks ago that he expects the Cardinals to cut ties with Kolb, who is dues a $9 million 2013 base salary in addition to a $2 million roster bonus in March. Kolb has no more guaranteed money left on his contract, so the decision will likely be left up to the team's new head coach and GM tandem. We'd like to think that Kolb staying in the fold wouldn't be a sticking point when Bidwill makes his hires.


joegibbskins07 5 years ago

They dump a good. Coach in favor of an unproven qb that is injury prone???? What they should have done is surrounded the coach with better players.

Dinobot 5 years ago

I would argue the coach made a mistake in even having a QB competition early. His incompetence was amplified by picking Skelton. Kolb is leaps and bounds better than Skelton. He should have been given the starting job right away. They moved the ball much more consistently with Kolb under center. Also, his injury issues lie with poor offensive line play. They need to address the offensive line more than anything else.

joegibbskins07 5 years ago

If memory serves me right, kolb threw to Larry fitz much less than skelton. Also kolb was injured in philly back when that O-line was considered one of the best pass blocking lines. I am not saying kolb is better or worse than skelton, what I am saying is I am not sold on him as being anything more than average with a nasty case of the injury bug. Besides, the last time I checked, the gm picked the players. The coach was felt a bad hand.