QB CAR (11)
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Cam Newton completed 21-of-36 passes for 241 yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions versus the Broncos in Week 10.

The Panthers offense was a debaculous fiasco, thanks in large part to Von Miller's decimation of Greg Olsen and the offensive line. Newton rarely had time to throw over the first three quarters, then became hesitant on back-to-back sacks leading to a fourth-quarter safety. He followed a Peyton Manning fumble with his own pick-six, and Carolina racked up as many three-and-outs as the Patriots have had all season. In short, it was a meltdown. Until the Panthers figure out what they're doing on offense, Newton will be a shaky fantasy play. He draws the Bucs' burnable secondary in Week 11.


Blake09 5 years ago

i would go rg3 and then one the other one it would be newton....dalton just had one good outbreak game

wrecboy 5 years ago

Luck or newton or dalton

Trife_Mike 5 years ago

Rg3 or cam newton this week?

DonTerminator 5 years ago

I'm giving him my absolute last chance this season this week before I turn the reins over to Sam Bradford. If he can't do anything against this league-worst Tampa pass D, then he has no hope.

tmactown01 5 years ago

Another medicore game from the overrated Newton what a bust.

devz0r 5 years ago

Better than Eli. Also, Carolina has been playing some of the best defenses in football. Denver, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Seattle. The remainder of the season should be much easier for him.

Snake_bitten 5 years ago

You could always have been stuck with Sanchez. lol