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Brandon Marshall caught six passes for 81 yards and a touchdown in Chicago's Week 7 win over the Lions on Monday night.

Marshall completely abused Lions CB Alphonso Smith in the early going before Detroit moved Chris Houston over onto him. Marshall caught five of his first six targets, and his touchdown score came from seven yards out on the team's opening drive. He has now found the end zone in three straight games, and he certainly has a good chance of doing so again in Week 8 against the Chris Gamble-less Panthers. Marshall is firmly entrenched as a WR1.


TheOutlaws 5 years ago

Question for fellow Brandon Marshall owners out there: Should we be concerned with Jay Cutlers ribs for this weekends game against the Jaguars? Would this injury make you consider benching BM?

Which 2 receivers would you start this week?

Brandon Marshall vs Carolina

Randall Cobb vs Jacksonville

Jeremy Maclin vs Atlanta

Dez Bryant vs NY Giants

Kenny Britt vs Indy

elyoda 5 years ago

Marshall for sure.

If Jordy nelson is out or severly lmited, the Cobb for sure. Otherwise its probably a toss-up between Cobb/Maclin/Britt, but don't bench BM!

Bullsmith 5 years ago

No sh*t! One more reception and I would've won last week. Forte coming back hurt last night because they had the lead. Marshall is a monster. Throw him the ball

Frank_Price 5 years ago

I think other than his 27 yard performance against the Packers! he is the top 4 WR's, in that game he was close to catching two balls! one on a twist in the endzone & he had a ball pushed away by 3 packer's! I have him as well and he is solid every week! one more pass and he would of been in the BONUS! And Cutler actually likes when he passes his way.

Frank_Price 5 years ago

Then throw to him!

TheOutlaws 5 years ago

No sh*t! Marshall should of had a monster game last night and I thought he would after the first TD on the Bears opening drive but nooooo! Still good to see him producing!