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Brandon Marshall caught eight passes for 107 yards in Chicago's 13-6, Week 10 loss to the Texans on Sunday night.

Marshall was the target on 12 of Chicago quarterbacks' 33 pass attempts, and he was the only Bear to eclipse the nine yards receiving mark. Yes, nine. Jay Cutler suffered a concussion at the end of the first half and was forced out of the game after completing 7-of-14 passes. Jason Campbell took over in relief and was downright terrible. He and Marshall clicked, but Campbell led the Bears to just four first downs. The severity of Cutler's concussion is unknown, but he and the the 7-2 Bears have an extra day of rest, as they travel to San Francisco on Monday night for Week 11. Marshall is cruising and is locked in as a weekly WR1.


Frank_Price 5 years ago

Yes! who ever throws his way!!!!

Frank_Price 5 years ago

Marshall: ALL DAY! Jason Williams can still throw + he will have a week with the "O" so no worries : Marshall get's open and makes plays + if he gets two quick grabs : he explodes all night!

TheOutlaws 5 years ago

You mean Jason Campbell?

AGIII 5 years ago

Need a opinion...Dez or Marshall? I know it shouldnt even be a question but..

Marshall- lost Cutler, tough SF def.

Dez- Starting to have good games and facing one of the worst def.

TheOutlaws 5 years ago

I'm in the same boat. Dez will be going up against Joe Haden...but Brandon faces a tough 49er defense with backup QB Jason Campbell.

Campbell will probably be more prepared and has done a decent job with the Raiders and Redskins.....still I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Its hard to bench a stud WR.

Frank_Price 5 years ago

BM will be fine! No matter if the coach was in @ QB? I think he will be looked @ more because of the relationship the two have!

TheOutlaws 5 years ago

Relationship? Between BM and Campbell?? BM is the only WR who seems to get the ball thrown his way. I think Chicago screwed up by trading TE Greg Olson. He'd be another nice weapon to go with BM and Forte.