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Brandon Jacobs expressed frustration with his role in San Francisco by saying he is "on this team rotting away."

"This is by far the worst year I ever had, I'll tell you like I told plenty others," said Jacobs. The comments were posted on Jacobs' Instagram account after fans threw a fit because he posted pictures of himself playing for the Giants, instead of the 49ers. Despite being a good teammate for much of the season, Jacobs' frustration is starting to boil over. He has just five carries for seven yards on the season and isn't expected to be much of a factor down the stretch, even with Kendall Hunter out.


Arthur-klein 5 years ago

Nope they already said LaMichael James will have a bigger role than Jacobs going further

Pigskinpooper 5 years ago

It does seem rather weird. Why'd they want him?