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Bengals OC Jay Gruden brushed off concerns over Andy Dalton's late-season fade, expressing confidence in him as the quarterback of the future.

"I think Andy is the guy. If you compare his two-year stats to Drew Brees and the other great quarterbacks now, I think you'd be surprised what he's done his first two years," Gruden said. "Obviously he has shown some flaws he has to work on, but every other quarterback in their first two years in the league has shown that." While Dalton entered the league with doubts about his physical limitations, it's a growing concern that he's grown more hesitant and regressed mentally.


Steelpens79 5 years ago

The offensive play-calling against the Texans was as much to blame for the loss to the Texans as Andy Dalton was. AJ Green pretty much dominated in the second half. No catches in the first half?

mk8964 5 years ago

Oh Yeah his late season fade against Pitt, Balt, and Hou. Last I checked those teams were pretty good on D. I would hope a professional coach would brush off concerns from idiot beat writers that dont know half as much as the coaches do. I have family that played in the NFL, coached for a long time in the NLF and has multiple superbowl rings as a coach. I have learned a lot about football and when I see what these writers pass off as analysis it amazes me how much they dont know about football.

Ghost_Lombardi 5 years ago

He needs more than AJ Green and Gresham.

A healthy and seasoned Sanu and Jones will help, as would another pass catching TE. I expect Dalton to have a big year in 2013. He was in the Top 12 in FF pts for every league I was in this year. Unless your league has less than 12 teams that makes Dalton a QB1.