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Beat writer Roy Cummings believes LeGarrette Blount may have lost his job as the goal-line back after three consecutive failed attempts in Week 7.

"The Bucs will have to consider using Doug Martin from here on," writes Cummings. "They can't afford to waste scoring opportunities." Despite his 250 pound frame, Blount has a history of short-yardage struggles. Martin could be in line for more scoring opportunities going forward. The rookie has showed big-play potential the past two weeks.


likes25 5 years ago

Bout Daym Time. Blount was about as good of a goal line back as Brandon Jacobs was in NY. Just because you're big doesn't make you a good short yardage back. All I ever saw was Blount put his head down and pound into the back of his Olinemen. That is not the way to get it done son.

elyoda 5 years ago

Brandon Jacobs in his prime was a MONSTER of a goal-line back. You probably just don't remember the years where he was poaching incredible amounts of TD's from Tiki Barber.

Trevon22 5 years ago

like i said before. Blount is washed up. Its time for Martin to get those opportunities and he will convert on them too. hes a Beast!