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Beanie Wells insists (turf toe, I.R./designated for return) he felt better after Wednesday's return to practice than he's felt in more than a year.

"You're going to see the vintage Beanie Wells. The real deal," said Wells, adding that the time off has done wonders for his surgically-repaired knee. The Cardinals desperately need Wells back in the lineup. Thanks to a woeful offensive line, though, they don't a single back with at least 25 carries and a per-carry average of 3.0 yards or more.


LegionSB 5 years ago

Well then, you might want to change where it says "out for season" on his Fleaflicker injury designation, yes?

begs 5 years ago

vintage beanie wells? he's 24 years old and has been hurt his entire career... wtf exactly are we gonna see chris?

TouchdownBundy 5 years ago

unfortunately we'll probably see the real Beanie Wells, high expectations/low production.

YBtheMONSTER 5 years ago

i think what happened was he switch spots with Flo-Rida. bc his songs have sucked and his production has sucked as well.

chekc it out

G-R-I-M 5 years ago

Which one is the "Real Deal" - The one that had over 1000yds and 10TDs last season on a couple moster games or the one who's had only 3 100yd+ rushing games? The one w/7 TDs his rookie season (2009) or the one who couldn't stay upright in 2010? - So far he's been an every other year player - 2009,2011 good...2010/12 bad. . .I'll draft him in the late rounds next year just to see if it's true. ..