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Arian Foster rushed 32 times for 140 yards and a touchdown and caught eight passes for 34 yards as the Texans defeated the Bengals in the Wild Card Round, 19-13.

Foster brought the sustaining, chain-moving element to a Houston offense that generally struggled in the passing game against Cincinnati. Although he didn't have any truly long runs (best gain was 17), Foster carried the mail like the true workhorse he is and scored the Texans' only touchdown. While Saturday's win wasn't convincing, it should give a sagging Texans team confidence, particularly from the standpoint that they can still field a dominant rushing attack.


hinesmak84 5 years ago

In my post-season fantasy tournament, we get to pick 1 qb, 2 rb's, 3 wr's and 1 kicker. Can't have more than 1 player from each team. I picked A.Foster as one of my running backs and it just so happens his best fantasy game of the year happens to be this week against the Cincy Bengals. Picked well on this one. Keep up the good work Foster. Oh and your points are cumlative so if one of your players' team's keeps winning you get points for every week they stay alive and vis-versa if they lose like with Peterson, you only get points for that 1 week.