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Luck (calf/ankle) announced his retirement from the NFL on Saturday. "I am going to retire. This is the hardest decision of my life," he said. He added that a four-year cycle of injuries and rehab have "taken my joy of this game away."
EDGE Analysis
After suiting up for all 16 games in each of his first three pro seasons, Luck missed 26 contests over the ensuing three campaigns before playing a full slate yet again in 2018. However, with additional injury concerns plaguing him this offseason, training camp and preseason, he's made the decision to call it a career. The Colts will turn to Jacoby Brissett to run the offense moving forward.


RaisedByWolfes Sat 8/24/19 10:56 PM


My name is Rob. I was able to acquire Andrew Luck this off-season and was very much looking forward to his success this 2019 season. So much so that I drafted Parris Campbell with my first round pick in my dynasty league. My draft started a little before 8 PM EST today, August 24 2019... Please send your prayers.

RaisedByWolfes Sat 8/24/19 10:58 PM

My new team name is “I have no Luck”.

kylewbstr Sat 8/24/19 11:54 PM

wow. so sorry

Ahmedabooboo Sun 8/25/19 6:44 AM

I picked up luck in a dynasty league 7 years ago and the first 4 years were good

Mixed_Nuts Sun 8/25/19 9:39 AM

I drafted Luck and this guy announced his retirement before our draft was even finished. What the ever F .. talk about bad Luck (pun intended).