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Andre Johnson racked up nine catches for 86 yards in the Texans' Week 7 win over the Ravens.

Although Johnson isn't yet hitting big plays down the football field, he's now racked up 17 receptions and 75-or-more yards in his last two games. He's certainly still an imposing presence out wide, even if Johnson has lost a step or two in terms of vertical route running. The Texans have a Week 8 bye, and Johnson should have no trouble roasting the Bills' defense in Week 9.


R3no825 5 years ago

Should I cut Him & pick up Josh Gordon or just ride it out & hope Johnson turns it around??

G-R-I-M 5 years ago

He's still hasn't found the End Zone enough this year - If there's a guy who's under valued right now though and looks to have a favorable schedule down the stretch it's Dre - I'm holding onto him all the way through. . .

SouthendLegend 5 years ago

about time