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Andre Johnson caught just four passes for 35 yards in Houston's Week 10 win over the Bears.

Johnson caught all four of his passes in the first half and was targeted 10 times on the night. Matt Schaub passed for just 95 yards in the rainy and windy conditions in Chicago, and Johnson was the team's leading receiver. The 10-year vet is still seeing a ton of passes his way, so a big-time game could very well be in order against the 1-8 Jaguars in Week 11.


KillerRabbit 5 years ago

A. Johnson, D. Bowe, L. Moore, or B. Lloyd? I need 2 and I can't decide...

djm180 5 years ago

Booooooooooooooooo. I shouldn't have drafted this guy. Houston is too happy to just run the ball and spread the ball all over the place to various WRs. He's OK, but looks like he will be this way from now on. He's more of a WR2/borderline WR3 now.

Champ245 5 years ago

I agree

p8n017 5 years ago

i just traded for him.. yay me

rmaxtpmx 5 years ago

haha yeah, i traded heyward-bay and rivers for johnson and rg3. i think it worked out fine for me

joeroads 5 years ago

AJ is going to go off over the next few weeks! Look at the matchups. I am bummed out though. All I needed was three more points from him in the second half of Sunday nights game to get the win. But, as you all know, the wind and the rain swept my win away. Fell to 5-5 on NFL.com. I'm now tied for 4th place with five other 5-5 teams. Man, all I needed was THREE MORE POINTS! How long will I have to wait for Andre to kick in his elite production? The answer is: no more. He will start putting up top 5 numbers from here on out. Mark this page and remember I said so.

Ponzi 5 years ago

U can mark every page fleaflicker has wrote following each of dres mediocre games too bc every week they talk Ab his great matchup and how this will be the week... yaaa Ab that.

joeroads 5 years ago

Well, 461 yards and a TD in the last two games... What I expected to happen, happened! In fact, beyond my expectations. I hope Dre continues to put up great numbers through the rest of the season and I pray he stays healthy!

joeroads 5 years ago


joeroads 5 years ago

I just had to laugh out of joy! I'm so happy that Andre Johnson is finally putting up the numbers that I hoped for when I traded for him back in April.