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Alfred Morris was the Redskins' third-down back in Sunday's win over the Eagles.

Morris replaced Evan Royster in the role, playing on 9-of-11 third downs. On four of those plays, he ran pass routes. "(Coach) told me he was going to give me an opportunity to do it, and I really am thankful because he's trying to help me become a complete back," Morris said. Although Alf ended up with just one catch, it's a promising sign for his overall value. The Redskins are committed to getting him on the field as much as possible. "If he can stay healthy and just keep on doing the things he's done, he will be a big-time back for a lot of years," Mike Shanahan said. "He's a special guy."


Mel_Cappins 5 years ago

Shanahan is commited to a RB???? I guess its time to check my lotto numbers.

Lamia 5 years ago

Al Morris or Jalen Parmelee??

loureirogja 5 years ago

Vick Ballard or Alfred Morris? (the other RB is Marshall Lynch).

Ryanwilson117 5 years ago

alfred morris for many reasons:

1. Ballard splits carries heavily with returned starter donald brown

2. Morris is now becoming an every-down back

3. Morris has one of the highest average yards per game in the NFL

4. Morris has RG3 in front of him to keep the opposing defenses guessing at who will actually run the ball.

5. Ballard is not a tue starter, and Morris is

6. Morris is a key part on an offense where the passing game is not the main approach

7. Ballard is on a team where they have tools like reggie wayne and andrew luck to make the passing game the more significant part of their offense

I may have said a little too much, but I guess now you will never question who to start.

thor6977 5 years ago

You nailed it all right there!!!!Morris should be in your starting line up if you have him!!!

loureirogja 5 years ago

Thanks dude! Sorry for the lame question, i'm brazilian and they don't show a lot a games around here. ahahha

Hess23 5 years ago

I have Morris and AP. The only time they both didn't play is when one had a bye. I'm in 1st place.