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Alex Smith says defenses have been gearing up to take Vernon Davis away from the 49ers' offense, and it's opened up things for others.

Davis has just five catches for 71 scoreless yards over his last three games, combined. "I see a lot of teams trying to take away the big play in the passing game from Vernon," Smith said. "... But in taking that away, it's opened up a lot underneath for other guys. That's why he had so much catch-and-run from our receivers Monday night." These things tend to come full circle. With Michael Crabtree and Randy Moss coming off Week 8 big plays, Davis could easily be the guy open more when the 49ers emerge from their Week 9 bye.


loureirogja 5 years ago

Vernon Davis ia a god! Stop messing with us Alex, let the god play!

Fabio49ers 5 years ago

I think the fact that u suck Mr Smith, has a lot do do with it..!!

metaldad904 5 years ago

Agreeeeeeed! Smith can't get him the ball, period. Its funny how they use defenses as an excuse but u don't see the same bullshit for Graham and Gronk...those QB's know what they have and make it a point to get'em the ball.

TheBrack 5 years ago

I blame the offensive coordinator. Ive watched every game the Niners have played. They ignore him, seen it with my own eyes. He's suppose to have the Gronk/Graham type season. Now hes lucky to get a damn ball thrown to him. They run the ball way too damn much!

cinreds 5 years ago

AMEN!!! Stop blaming alex folks you hit the number one answer bro!

cinreds 5 years ago

Hey fabio you aint a niner fan what fan bashes their team go jump of the goldengate uh!

Fabio49ers 5 years ago

Listen here... I am a niner fan..! But the truth is the truth!!! Not bashing my team you retard, I'm bashing the QB on my team..!! You gonna sit there and tell me ALEX SMITH doesn't suck????? Dude, why don't YOU go jump off the goldengate, and take ur momma with u.! That idiot should be relying on the run and on his best receiver, VERNON DAVIS!! The playoffs last year should tell just something about that.. But then again u too stupid to realize that!!

cinreds 5 years ago

ROFLMAO I agree with you but the play calling sucks more we need to get moss and davis involved more Dude i diDnt mean to jump of the bridge but common we got who we got an he is better than what most teams have lets see if we win the super bowl before we make a final judgement uh!!