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A.J. Green managed just one reception in the Bengals' Week 7 loss to Pittsburgh -- but made it count for an eight-yard touchdown.

Struggling to this point in the year, Steelers RCB Ike Taylor came up with his best game of the season. Taylor held Green catch-less until midway through the second quarter, when he got inside position for an eight-yard touchdown on a slant route. The score was Green's seventh through seven games. Green was targeted again in the third quarter in the end zone, but Taylor and LCB Keenan Lewis had double coverage, and Lewis batted it away. Ultimately, Green won this battle and it will happen again once more before the season is up. Green remains the highest scoring wideout in all of fantasy football entering a Week 8 bye.


bmart 5 years ago

You know who won the battle was Tomlin. Lewis's game plan, use of timeouts, and offensive play calling was horrible from the onset of the game. Green only saw 6 balls his way with Ike Taylor playing 13 yards off the ball almost every single time. Sorry Bengals fans but your young squad will not amount to much unless you get a better coaching staff.

John9williams 5 years ago

I love AJ Green, but what makes you think that he "Won" This battle with 1 catch for 8 yards?

EvanPackers12 5 years ago

he said tomlin won the battle

John9williams 5 years ago

nope he said "ultimately, Green won this battle."

litoness 5 years ago

One of you is talking about the original post and one of you is talking about the first comment made lol.

rmaxtpmx 5 years ago

don't you love stupidity?

rmaxtpmx 5 years ago

I agree. I was a bit taken back by that remark. How can anyone say Green won that battle? Similarly, how can anyone who actually watched that game suggest that Ike Taylor "came up with his best game of the season", as if it was all him? Green was quite open plenty of times. One throw went way over his head, even though he somehow managed to get his fingers on it, jumping like a friggin madman. The aforementioned missed TD was more a result of a bad throw than a spectacular defensive play. I love green, and he was my pre-draft choice for top WR this year, with Percy Harvin at a close second. It's just too bad that as bmart said, the cincy coaching staff is not very good, and Dalton has some more developing to do.