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Ahmad Bradshaw (neck) participated in Monday's practice.

It was just an informal session coming off the Giants' bye week, but evidence that Bradshaw's "battery of tests" didn't turn up anything serious. Bradshaw will still likely miss some practice time this week - as has become his routine - but it looks like he's trending toward his usual half-hearted "questionable" tag ahead of starting on Sunday.


HBs-Warriors 5 years ago

i got bradshaw starks jrodgers leshore and hillman pick two must win game!

djm180 5 years ago

Thank God I got rid of this dude. Every Sunday worrying if he would even play, then he goes and gets 5 points. Not worth it for that rare 25 point game he put up one time.

Ryanwilson117 5 years ago

only reason I still have him is because he is my favorite RB even though he's not too hot right now.