RB ARI (8)
4 years ago5 Comments

Adrian Peterson suffered a life-threatening allergic reaction to shellfish last season.


RJ2000 4 years ago

As a person who just traded for AP to make championship run... I would have quit if AP would have died.

Sethc1020 4 years ago

A little late on the reporting I think!!!

Samalicious 4 years ago

OMG! I glanced quickly and thought it said AP SUFFERS a life threatening allergic reaction.

Why now?

joegibbskins07 4 years ago

OMG.... that was sooooo last year. then what happened? oh... he ran for 160 yards that weekend.

if I eat a piece of fruit, I will go into shock too. its called an epee pine, people. Benadryl also helps out a lot in a pinch. before the day is over, all the swelling is gone.

hey AP, stay away from shellfish. alright? alright.

joegibbskins07 4 years ago

wow.... there is a really hot chick below that's online now! you guys should go get some.