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According to Yahoo Sports, "those close" to Robert Griffin III believe the Redskins and others around Griffin are placing "undue pressure" on RG3 to "return too quickly" from his ACL and LCL tears.

They believe Griffin is at risk of reinjury. Redskins team Dr. James Andrews has publicly deemed RG3 "way ahead of schedule," and Griffin is starring in an Adidas ad campaign entitled "All in for Week 1." Said one source, "It's been like six weeks; what are we doing this for? He's not running yet. (Playing in Week 1) is ridiculous to talk about." Added another person close to Griffin, "I don't understand why we're talking about how close he is to playing or not right now. Let him just get better; there's a long way to go."


fergie101 5 years ago

That's a bad idea if he gets hit by a guy like clay mattews or somebody like that his career could be over

Ghost_Lombardi 5 years ago

Just put a brace on his leg and send him out there, coach.

Kunta_Kinte 5 years ago

Then you need help.... because his career would be over at that rate