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According to the Daily News, free agent Plaxico Burress won't be back with the Jets because the team believes he's bad for Mark Sanchez's development.

Burress caught eight touchdowns for the Jets a year ago, but has drawn virtually no interest on the open market this season. The Jets chose to sign Jason Hill instead of him. Burress, 35, apparently burned his bridge with the club when he questioned Sanchez's ability after the season.


G-R-I-M 5 years ago

This is historical - Plax catches more TD's than any WR they currenlty have - questions Sanchise abilities then can't get a job and it turns out he's was right all along as the Jets entertain Tebow time....This is as bad as no one believing Jose Canseco about Roids rampet in Baseball until everyone found out he was right too

Texsports 5 years ago

I say just for the hell of it they sign TO, Plex and Ocho. Put Tebow at QB and cut all of their RB's. I think the offense would actually be better lmao.

Texsports 5 years ago

Development??? wtf is that, he is in his 5th year in the NFL. I'm sorry but if you are not developed after starting more than 50 games in the NFL then you are never going to be "developed" lmao...that is just funny.

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AmazinDoc 5 years ago

I guess bringing in Tebow is the answer to helping Sanchez development right.

Brady_12 5 years ago

Ha, Sanchez "development"