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According to ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer, at least a handful of NFL personnel men remain high on Browns backup QB Colt McCoy.

"He's not a laughingstock," said Dilfer. "They think that given the right offense, Colt can be a good to very good NFL starter." Dilfer has become the national spokesperson for scrappy QBs with limited physical tools. We agree, however, that it's premature to write off McCoy as a league-average starter in the right scheme -- a West Coast offense with loaded weapons.


PortlandExpress 5 years ago

Colt is a winner when he has 'the offensive arsenal to work with. The Browns never gave him the offensive talent that was needed for him to show success. Brown receivers couldn't catch or hang on to the balls. I don't know why all the negative comments have been directed at him when he didn't have the necessary talent around him. Weeden actually has better talent around him this year. The offensive line is better and Weeden isn't taking the physical beating Colt had to endure.