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Aaron Rodgers said he got with Jermichael Finley and "talked it out" during the Packers' bye week.

Finley awoke from the dead against the Lions, recording a 3/66/1 line. It was his first touchdown since Week 1 and his highest yardage total of the season. "It's big, man," Finley said. "It gets Aaron looking at me, for one. It slows my head down, for two. It's big for the team to get me and (No.) 12 on the same page for this last stretch going into the playoffs." Finley is a talented pass-catcher playing with arguably the league's best quarterback. There's certainly upside here.


Steelpens79 6 years ago

Yeah Finley, I'm sure the Packers are headed for the Super Bowl now that you and Aaron Rodgers are on the same page.

billsrule 6 years ago

I would most definitely say the Packers are favourite to win the Super Bowl. They've had several key injuries and they're still winning games. Only team to beat Houston and they made it look easy..

Steelpens79 6 years ago

That wasn't really the point of my comment, but yeah I would agree the Packers can beat just about anyone in the NFC in my opinion in the playoffs. The point was that Finley seems to think that the Packers' success hinges on how good of a game he has.

Steelpens79 6 years ago

The lack of a running game will continue to hurt them though.

roc14622 6 years ago

wow!! real NFL caliber minds post on flee flicker!!!!! Are you guys coaches?

ChadRehak 6 years ago

do you really think they would be here circle-jerking on flea* flicker if they were NFL coaches?

DfenderAC1 6 years ago

Bill Belichick here - just wanted to congratulate you all for some real fine NFL analysis. By the way, does anyone know how long a broken forearm takes to heal? Jw

cogwheel 6 years ago

They're contenders, but already labeling them the "favorites" is pure nonsense. The Packers have done nothing whatsoever this season to separate themselves from the Texans or Niners. Hell, not even the Broncos or Patriots.

roc14622 6 years ago

Are you kidding me?? Who beat Houston? And how bad? Stop posting here for two weeks now!!

cogwheel 6 years ago

Are you kidding me??

Only an idiot draws season-encompassing conclusions from ONE regular-season game. Idiot.

It's so easy to the turn that logic on you. Sure, the Packers beat the Texans in one game. And Packers also lost to the Niners, Colts, and Seahawks in other games.

Does the "favorite" lose to a team that just got humiliated by the Patriots? Does the "favorite" struggle against the likes of Detroit and Jacksonville?

There's parity in the league this season. There is no clear-cut favorite this year.

Learn football, and get a clue. Only January matters, and the Packers are built even less for it this year than they were last year. Perrone96 has it right up there; the Packers need a run-game that they don't have, and they need a defense that they don't have. When they won the Super Bowl a few years ago, they had both; the run-game wasn't elite but it was reliable, and the defense gave up yards but led the league in takeaways. Not a coincidence.

roc14622 6 years ago

Wow! Real coaches on flee flicker!! How cool

cogwheel 6 years ago

And I don't know what this "two weeks" nonsense is, I've been posting 5 or so comments every week under various players since Week 1, including Finley here.

Funny, though, I've never seen your thick wit stumbling about here before. Maybe your opinions were just too dumb to leave an impression, eh?