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A source "very close" to free agent Reggie Bush tells the Miami Herald he's receiving interest from three teams, and "categorically" will not be back with the Dolphins.

Per reporter Armando Salguero, Bush is being offered "significant" money. "Significant" would imply Bush could match or surpass the $5 million he made in 2012, but that would be quite a feat for agent Joel Segal. It's unlikely in a tight market, but all it takes is one team. It's a safe bet that two of the three interested teams are Detroit and Arizona, but the third is a complete unknown. Bush is by far the best change-of-pace back on the market.


Da18thLetter28 5 years ago

Bush in Green Bay or Denver would make a lot of sense to me because of the primary attack being the pass. He could be deadly with Manning or Rodgers being his QB, if he could stay healthy filling that role. Seemed as though he couldn't when in New Orleans with Brees.........

I think I may have just talked myself out of this being a good idea....LOL

Impact 5 years ago

How about a team thet would really put Reggie to work on neccessary assignments, like 1 to 3 downs when needed. MN Vikes would be even tougher on run offense, which could could open up pass to Percy Harvin and any new WR's that can catch instead of DROPPING the ball. Impact