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A defensive starter tells the Daily News that Tim Tebow is "terrible."

Per the report, more than a dozen players and members of the Jets believe Tebow is "simply not very good." The "prevailing thought" is that he's "nothing more than a gimmick." It's exactly what we suspected is going on behind the scenes. If Tebow was showing anything at all in practice, the Jets would have yanked Mark Sanchez by now. "It's not even close," LG Matt Slauson said. "All the other quarterbacks know it. I have all the confidence in Mark. We don't really have a choice." Of course, Tebow's skill set doesn't show well in practice or 7-on-7 drills. If the Jets fall to 3-8, they'll have little to lose by giving him a shot in a game.


likes25 5 years ago

Here's news, the Jets defense is "terrible";

TGW 5 years ago

How bout play Rex Ryan as QB? That would be very, very entertaining. Who wouldn't love to watch him get drilled a few times. At least TV ratings would go up...for the first drive.

landryfields 5 years ago

god the jets are stupid, yeah of course he is not that skilled everyone knew this already, the point is he is a winner and if you construct your offense in a way that enables him to do do the same thing john fox enabled him to do in denver you will have a much better chance to win than with sanchez..you are paying for his intangibles and then are too afraid to let him prove them to you even with a dismal record, just lols all around

GrahamHolly 5 years ago

i completely agree with this comment.

McGo 5 years ago

Well said.

Fabio49ers 5 years ago

This coming from top notch defense like jets D!! Pro bowlers and hall of farmers in every position!!! So they can say what the want about another player being good or "terrible"..! Oh, and their starting QB now is AMAZING!!!

chich 5 years ago

Forget Tebow; how about giving McElroy a shot! The Jets need to know if he has anything.