2012 Fantasy Football Busts: Running Backs brunoboys.net 5 years ago

When doing draft preparation a large amount of focus should be used unearthing players that are undervalued. Winning a draft can be as easy as finding a few sleeper gems buried in the late rounds. But what about losing a draft? Losing a draft can happen just as easily with a few bad picks. Keeping your eye out for and avoiding overvalued players likely to "bust" can save you a lot of misery during the season. Some fantasy players allow "name value" to bias their picks causing them to reach for big name guys that have been fantasy staples for years. Some examples from last year included Chad Ochocinco, LaDainian Tomlinson and Thomas Jones. By ignoring name recognition you can see these players for their true value. Other players bust seemingly out of nowhere. Or do they? There are typically visible warning signs before every bust. Whether it is because of injury, situation change or just plain old age, some players will predictably underperform every year.