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Welcome to the Divisional Round edition of the Brew Crew Corner. During the postseason I go back over the season and analyze how it went. I like to look at the value that each position gave -- both positive or negative -- which I use to help prepare for next season. Players that finish with a big positive number can be great picks next season if their draft stock is still a good value, while players with a negative number might fall hard in drafts which will be another type of value pick. Beware as sometimes players that have a big season can sometimes be overvalued in drafts, making their draft position too high. Sometimes players who finished with a negative value will be players you would want to avoid next season. Each situation should be looked at on case by case. When looking at these values, you should question. Did the player suffer an injury, and how likely are they to return healthy? Did this player have a breakout season or did he benefit from an injury to other players? We will take a look at the running back value for the 2011. I determine the value by taking the Average Draft Position (ADP) from this year's draft and comparing it to the final rankings of a player based on fantasy points. For example, if a running back was going in drafts as the 10th running back and finished the season fifth overall among running backs, his value would be +5. Top 20 Running Backs with Good Value in 2011 RANK Player +/- 7 Darren Sproles, New Orleans +38 41 Toby Gerhart, Minnesota +37 34 Dexter McCluster, Kansas City +35 42 Kevin Smith, Detroit +34 47 Jackie Battle, Kansas City +32 11 Michael Bush, Oakland +29 52 Lance Ball, Denver +28 53 Chris Ogbonnaya, Cleveland +28 29 DeMarco Murray, Dallas +26 56 Kahlil Bell, Chicago +26 37 Donald Brown, Indianapolis +26 5 Marshawn Lynch, Seattle +24 59 Marcel Reece, Oakland +24 26 Roy Helu, Washington +23 51 Maurice Morris, Detroit +23 12 Reggie Bush, Miami +21 50 Isaac Redman, Pittsburgh +20 23 Willis McGahee, Denver +19 30 Ben Tate, Houston +18 20 Mike Tolbert, San Diego +15 Top 20 Running Backs with Poor Value in 2011 RANK Player +/- 98 Jamaal Charles, Kansas City -98 138 Jerome Harrison, Detroit -82 134 Bilal Powell, New York Jets -68 109 Ronnie Brown, Philadelphia -63 118 Shane Vereen, New England -60 80 Knowshon Moreno, Denver -59 83 Ryan Torain, Washington -39 114 Jamie Harper, Tenessee -39 113 Kevin Faulk, New England -36 60 Tim Hightower, Washington -30 57 Joseph Addai, Indianapolis -26 35 Darren McFadden, Oakland -25 43 Jahvid Best, Detroit -24 36 Peyton Hillis, Cleveland -22 45 Mark Ingram, New Orleans -22 88 Derrick Ward, Houston -21 39 Felix Jones, Dallas -21 77 Tashard Choice, Buffalo -20 85 Deji Karim, Jacksonville -20 32 LeGarrette Blount, Tampa Bay -17 Divisional Games: New Orleans Saints at San Francisco 49ers -- Saturday, Jan. 14, 4:30 p.m. ET Saints Pass Offense: 1st, Run Offense: 6th Saints Pass Defense: 30th, Run Defense: 12th 49ers Pass Offense: 29th, Run Offense: 8th 49ers Pass Defense: 16th, Run Defense: 1st First Meeting: Teams met only in the preseason. The Saints won 24-3. This game will come down to the fast pace of the Saints offense versus the power run game of the 49ers. The 49ers defense will look to control the Saints running backs, which Drew Brees will have to lead the offense. If the Saints get ahead early, I don't think Alex Smith can bring this team back. The Saints are 0-4 on the road but can win this matchup. Prediction: Saints 27, 49ers 17 Denver Broncos at New England Patriots -- Saturday, Jan. 14, 8 p.m. ET Broncos Pass Offense: 31st, Run Offense: 1st Broncos Pass Defense: 18th, Run Defense: 22nd Patriots Pass Offense: 2nd, Pass Offense: 20th Patriots Pass Defense: 31st, Pass Defense: 17th First Meeting: Patriots defeated the Broncos, 41-23 Most people are either on the Tim Tebow bandwagon or sick of hearing his name altogether. Don't forget the jokes that reference white bronco and O.J. I've heard that about a million times. The media hype around this game should be pretty good as the Golden Boy Tom Brady faces off against the Mile-High Messiah Tim Tebow. The last meeting had the Patriots pull away in the second half and cruise to a victory. The Broncos come in with big momentum from winning the division (by default of other teams losing) and their big overtime win over the heavy favored Pittsburgh Steelers. As long as the Patriots don't let the Broncos hang around, they should come away with the win. Prediction: Patriots 38, Broncos 21 Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens -- Sunday, Jan. 15, 1 p.m. ET Texans Pass Offense: 18th, Run Offense: 2nd Texans Pass Defense: 3rd, Run Defense: 4th Ravens Pass Offense: 19th, Run Offense: 10th Ravens Pass Defense: 4th, Run Defense: 2nd First Meeting: Ravens defeated the Texans, 29-14, and are 6-0 in head to head matchups against them. The Ravens took care of business at home by going undefeated, which included a win over the Texans in Week 6. This matchup is different as the Texans will have T.J. Yates, not Matt Schaub, under center, and a healthier Andre Johnson. In that game Arian Foster was held to just 49 yards while Ray Rice topped 100 on the ground. It is going to be a tough game on the road for the Texans and they will need their defense to come through as it has all season. Prediction: Ravens 21, Texans 20 New York Giants at Green Bay Packers -- Sunday, Jan. 15, 4:30 p.m. ET Giants Pass Offense: 5th, Run Offense: 32nd Giants Pass Defense: 29th, Run Defense: 19th Packers Pass Offense: 3th, Run Offense: 27nd Packers Pass Defense: 32th, Run Defense: 14th First Meeting: Packers defeated the Giants, 38-35, on a field goal at the end of the game. At the time the Packers were undefeated and the Giants had a chance after tying the game at 35. The Giants defense could not hold Aaron Rodgers in check, and he promptly marched down the field and put the team in a position to win. This time around the Giants defense is healthier and playing batter as a unit. If they can get pressure on Rodgers the way that the Kansas City Chiefs did, then the Giants have a chance to move on. The Giants, who have had trouble running the ball all year, have picked him that area as well. The Packers will most likely have Greg Jennings back from injury. Prediction: Giants 40, Packers 36 Division Round: Some tough matchups but only four can advance. Good luck if your team is in the playoffs. Follow @BrewCrewCorner Go Giants!