Fantasy Football Championship Rankings: Kickers 6 years ago

Only one kicker missed a field goal last week during the divisional round of the NFL playoffs, and that player (Matt Prater) is no longer alive in the chase for the Super Bowl. The current field was perfect on three-pointers, and that includes David Akers, who retained his position as the 49ers kicker.

The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin - Week 8 6 years ago

Sandy! As this storm rages all around me, I find myself in a battle of battery power to get a draft of my article submitted. I have an auxiliary power unit powering my wireless internet access. I have a laptop battery that says 30 minutes. It is just like the real mission impossible. So follow along because this is going to be tight.

They Did What?

I am only 33 points in the lead heading into Monday Night Football. I have to hope that the combination of Larry Fitzgerald and David Akers do not combine for 34 points. Can it happen? Yes. Will it happen? To be determined. The real reason for my floundering has been the success that has gotten me to this point.

All of the players on my team have played an active role in the scoring until this week. For example, look here. New England goes for 45 points but Wes Welker leaves with a bum ankle and only gets 10. Roddy White gets six points but the Atlanta Falcons go for 30. Miami goes for 30 points and Reggie Bush participates for only six. And in the final nail, my tight end replacement goes for zero while the Denver Broncos go for 34 points. Oh, the humanity!

The Result Was?

Arizona now cannot play at home and San Francisco appears to be back. This combination stifled Larry Fitzgerald and traded in extra points for field goals. I am now 7-1 and this was an easy week to come through with a loss. Things are now looking up, but I will continue to try to improve at RB and TE. I could go on but I have other fish to fry this week. Everyone else be safe. My diary entry is about chances and power.

Dear Diary

What are the chances? That is what you say every time a big storm comes. Hurricane Sandy rolled into New Jersey, and what resulted was an early dismissal from work. Then the day went by and as I am writing this the wind got progressively worse.

Then, at 7:06 p.m. the lights went out. They didn't even do the come back on and then go back out. They just dropped. I was actually formulating the content of this article when they went. But I can say the article is in and everyone in the targeted areas be safe.

The lights came back on later in the night and I finished the article. It was really late but they came back on.

Fare thee well.

I should really think about that power generator once and for all.

Master D.

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So-Called Fantasy Expert 6 years ago3 Comments

One of the interesting things about being a so-called fantasy football expert is receiving questions from readers. Sometimes, it will be a really simple question like "Should I start Shonn Greene or Beanie Wells?" If it's on Twitter (@mattkdelima), the questions are always short because that's the nature of Twitter.

I'll provide a concise answer about each guy's matchup that week. The reader hopefully sees the logic in my response, he's satisfied with it and that's that.

Other times, it can be a little more complicated.

I'll open up an email and someone will have sent me a 30-page thesis. First, he'll hit me with the league set-up.

"What's up man? Yo, I need your advice. OK, so this is a 14-team, 25-man roster, 0.5 points-per-reception, auction, five-man keeper, Individual Defensive Player (IDP) league on Yahoo."

Below that, he's typed up his full roster and maybe even included a couple guys on the waiver wire he has his eye on. Next, he has copied and pasted his league's scoring system and rules.

Already, I've had to scroll down using my little mouse wheel and I haven't even read the question yet. Before he gets to the question, though, there will be a bit of extra context. He's thoughtful in that way because he wants to insert some personality and add some breadth to an already suffocatingly in-depth question. It'll read something like this:

"Okay, I was offered this trade by my friend Rick. He won the league last year so everybody wants to kick his ass this season. He's in fifth place and I'm in fourth. There's two weeks left until playoffs start. I play him next week and ..."

Yeah, I got it. You want to win. I hear you loud and clear, my dude.

After another two or 17 sentences, he finally hits me with the craziest trade scenario I've ever seen.

"I get: Matt Ryan, Adrian Peterson, Mikel Leshoure, Sidney Rice, Jermaine Gresham, David Akers, Jared Allen, Pittsburgh Steelers defense/special teams, his 2018 Round 2 pick and a $10 off coupon at Papa John's. And then he gets ..."

You get the idea. You see where I'm going with this. Every time I see one of these emails, I let the guy know right off the bat that trades like this are a total crapshoot and likely a terrible idea.

I also find it humorous that people will include the position or team when naming a player.

"Should I start New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz?"

It's like, how many guys named Cruz are there in the league? "Cruz" would have sufficed! I ...

49ers K Akers sets NFL record for FGs in season 7 years ago5 Comments

San Francisco 49ers veteran kicker David Akers set an NFL record for most field goals in one season by converting his 41st on Saturday.

Recap: 49ers 19, Seahawks 17 7 years ago

David Akers booted four field goals and set an NFL single-season record as the San Francisco 49ers edged the Seahawks 19-17 in Seattle on Saturday.

In The Spotlight: Week 6 In Review 7 years ago2 Comments


The Upstart 49ers Hand The Lions Their First Loss & A Post-Game Skirmish Between Jim Harbaugh & Jim Schwartz

The surging San Francisco 49ers prevailed in an emotional, hard-hitting and penalty-filled contest, knocking the Detroit Lions from the ranks of the unbeaten by a final of 25-19. After struggling most of the game, Alex Smith (125-1-1) tossed a touchdown pass with 1:51 remaining, and David Akers nailed a 37-yard field goal with 1:01 left to secure the win. Frank Gore paced San Francisco with 15-141-1 and Michael Crabtree compiled 9-77-0. The 49ers' defense also notched five sacks on the afternoon. For the Lions, Matthew Stafford posted 293-2-0, while Calvin Johnson accumulated 7-113-0 and Brandon Pettigrew amassed 8-42-1.

The NFL is planning to review the post-game confrontation between San Francisco head coach Jim Harbaugh and Detroit head coach Jim Schwartz. In case you missed it, Harbaugh used his right hand to shake hands with Schwartz and slapped him on the back with his other hand. Claiming to have been shoved and claiming to have heard some "colorful language" directed at him, Schwartz charged Harbaugh as the teams ran into the tunnels, but the two were separated by a host of players and team officials during a very emotionally charged scene.

What if Detroit and San Francisco have to face each other in playoffs? Even if they don't, I think a rivalry has been born.


And Now There Is Just One 6-0 Team

The Green Bay Packers dispatched the struggling St. Louis Rams 24-3 at Lambeau Field to notch their sixth win of the season against no defeats. Aaron Rodgers passed for 310-3-1, which was just another day at the office for him. Greg Jennings (6-82-0) and Jordy Nelson (2-104-1) led the potent-as-usual Green Bay passing attack. Donald Driver and James Jones each hauled in a touchdown pass.

After coming within one victory of winning the NFC West last season, the 0-5 Rams have been a huge disappointment. The team did not add any proven offensive playmakers to help young Sam Bradford, and the defense has inexplicably regressed quite a bit. Tabbed by some as a high-end No. 2 fantasy quarterback during the preseason, Bradford has notched two 300-yard passing games but has tossed just three touchdown passes in five games, which barely makes him a fantasy starter. The loss of Danny Amendola (elbow) obviously has been an issue, although the Rams are hoping that injury-prone Danario Alexander (6-91-0 against the Packers) can fill that...