2015 NFL Draft Stock Report - Draft Order Edition fantasysharks.com 4 years ago

The college football season is nearlycomplete with a few remaining bowl games. As the regular season for the NFL isnow complete, teams will start doing their homework on possible draftselections. Twenty NFL teams have concluded their seasons and now know fromwhat spot they will be picking. Below is the current draft order and possiblefirst round draft picks.

1. Tampa Bay -- (QB) Marcus Mariota. Might as well order his jerseynow.

2. Tennessee (QB, OLB, CB) -- Zach Mettenberger will likely gethis chance to run the offense in 2015.

3. Jacksonville (OL, DL)

4. Oakland (WR, DBs) -- With loads of cap space this team needsto surround Derek Carr with more weapons. Amari Cooper?

5. Washington (DBs, QB) -- Lets hope the Robert Griffin IIIexperiment is over soon. Jay Gruden deserves better.

6. New York Jets (QB, CB) -- Will Jameis Winston wind up in NewYork?

7. Chicago (QB) -- Jay Cutler isn't the answer. Will there be aviable quarterback option available?

8. Atlanta (Defense) -- Mike Smith finally got fired. Will thisteam be able to shore up its horrendous defense?

9. New York Giants (Everything except Odell Beckham Jr.) -- Wherewill Beckham Jr. be drafted next season? Will Victor Cruz help the young wideoutmoving forward?

10. St. Louis (QB) -- Please give Jeff Fisher a quarterback. Thisman deserves a Russell Wilson.

11. Minnesota (WR) -- Teddy Bridgewater needs some help. AmariCooper and Jaelen Strong could be possible candidates. Minnesota could bedangerous in 2015.

12. Cleveland (Offense) -- Cleveland needs an entire newoffensive unit. Only a matter of time until Johnny Manziel and Josh Gordon arereleased.

13. New Orleans (OL) -- Drew Brees needs more protection. FiringRob Ryan might also improve the team's 2015 season. That defense is terrible.

14. Miami (OL, S)

15. San Francisco -- This team's in trouble after losing JimHarbaugh. Anyone remember the Mike Singletary days? Get ready, they are comingback with a vengeance. Colin Kaepernick might be the NFL's most overratedquarterback.

16. Houston (TE) -- Michigan's Devin Funchess would be theperfect pick. Ryan Mallett more than likely gets a chance to start next season.

17. San Diego (WR, TE, OL) -- Keenan Allen needs a sidekick.Antonio Gates may also need a replacement sometime soon.

18. Kansas City (WR) -- Kansas City hasn't had apassing touchdown to a wideout in more than a year. Get Alex Smith a newtarget.

19. Cleveland via Buffalo (See Pick 12)

20. Philadelphia (QB, CB) -- ...

An IDP Look at FA Signings - NFC East fantasysharks.com 6 years ago

We head back to the NFC with the next installment of this series examining the fantasy impact of the 2013 free agent signings on the defensive side of the ball. The hard-hitting NFC East is up next and there are plenty of big names that have joined the division that will make some fantasy waves next season and beyond.

This seems as good a time as any to clarify a couple of things I mistakenly took as self-evident when breaking down the previous three divisions. These articles are set up to be an early examination of only the newly signed players, how they may be utilized on their respective NFL teams and what the fantasy impact may be from an IDP perspective.

I've purposely avoided addressing players that have resigned with their current teams, as well as to a great extent, how the new signings may affect the fantasy value of those players and the other IDP options already on rosters.

All of that will be addressed after the NFL Draft when OTAs and minicamps get underway and roles become more defined. March and April NFL depth charts are about as reliable as a politicians campaign promise.

Fret not my fellow IDP enthusiasts, as we steamroll towards the 2013 season myself and the entire Fantasy Sharks' IDP crew will continue to break things down from every conceivable angle. You love IDP? We have your back. With that in mind let's get back to it...

PHILADELPHIA: The Eagles came out of the gate slowly with their first couple of free agent defensive signings by bringing on board former Rams CB, Bradley Fletcher, Panthers LB Jason Phillips and 49er NT Isaac Sopoaga.

All three are serviceable defenders that look to provide some depth for the Eagles from an NFL standpoint but are not fantasy options. Of the three Sopoaga may hold minimal value in leagues that require the DT position but beyond that there is nothing to get excited about with these signings.

That all changed when the Eagles signed former Patriot Patrick Chung to take over the SS spot for 2013. Chung flies around the field, has a nose for the football and is capable of finishing among the leaders in fantasy scoring at the DB position.

For his career, Chung averages just fewer than five tackles per game, has added seven interceptions with three sacks and one defensive TD in 50 regular season games. It's the 50 regular season games that are worrisome as Chung has missed 14 games over the past three seasons and carries above average injury risk.

He will look for a fresh start playing for a head...

Rams CB Fletcher tears ACL in practice, out for year brunoboys.net 7 years ago

St. Louis Rams cornerback Bradley Fletcher suffered a season-ending injury on Wednesday when he tore his right ACL in a bye-week practice.