Cubs000110000 262
Padres004104000 9100
Final W. LeBlanc 21, N. Hundley 11, C. Maybin 11


TeamTimeOutsDescriptionScoreMax Pts
CHCTop 10Starlin Castro Out Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Wade LeBlanc0-01
CHCTop 11Blake DeWitt Single, pitcher Wade LeBlanc0-01
CHCTop 11Aramis Ramirez Single, Blake DeWitt to 2nd, pitcher Wade LeBlanc0-01
CHCTop 11Jeff Baker Out Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Wade LeBlanc0-01
CHCTop 12Reed Johnson Out Andy Parrino, Orlando Hudson, pitcher Wade LeBlanc0-0
SDBot 10Cameron Maybin Out Ryan Dempster, Jeff Baker, pitcher Ryan Dempster0-01
SDBot 11Will Venable Out Blake DeWitt, Jeff Baker, pitcher Ryan Dempster0-01
SDBot 12Nick Hundley Out Lou Montanez, pitcher Ryan Dempster0-01


CHCTop 20Lou Montanez Out Orlando Hudson, pitcher Wade LeBlanc0-01
CHCTop 21Tony Campana Out Wade LeBlanc, pitcher Wade LeBlanc0-01
CHCTop 22Koyie Hill Out Chase Headley, Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Wade LeBlanc0-01
SDBot 20Chase Headley Strikeout, pitcher Ryan Dempster0-02
SDBot 21Orlando Hudson Out Reed Johnson, pitcher Ryan Dempster0-01
SDBot 22Chris Denorfia Out Tony Campana, pitcher Ryan Dempster0-01


CHCTop 30Ryan Dempster Out Cameron Maybin, pitcher Wade LeBlanc0-01
CHCTop 31Starlin Castro Out Andy Parrino, Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Wade LeBlanc0-01
CHCTop 32Blake DeWitt Out Wade LeBlanc, Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Wade LeBlanc0-01
SDBot 30Anthony Rizzo Out Jeff Baker, pitcher Ryan Dempster0-01
SDBot 31Andy Parrino Strikeout, pitcher Ryan Dempster0-02
SDBot 32Wade LeBlanc Walk, pitcher Ryan Dempster0-0-1
SDBot 32Cameron Maybin 1-Run Double, Wade LeBlanc scores, pitcher Ryan Dempster0-13
SDBot 32Stolen Base0-1
SDBot 32Will Venable Walk, pitcher Ryan Dempster0-11
SDBot 32Nick Hundley 3-Run Home Run, Will Venable scores, Cameron Maybin scores, pitcher Ryan Dempster0-49
SDBot 32Chase Headley Strikeout, pitcher Ryan Dempster0-42


CHCTop 40Aramis Ramirez Out Anthony Rizzo, Wade LeBlanc, pitcher Wade LeBlanc0-41
CHCTop 41Jeff Baker Walk, pitcher Wade LeBlanc0-41
CHCTop 41Reed Johnson Strikeout, pitcher Wade LeBlanc0-42
CHCTop 42Lou Montanez Walk, Jeff Baker to 2nd, pitcher Wade LeBlanc0-41
CHCTop 42Tony Campana 1-Run Single, Lou Montanez to 3rd, Jeff Baker scores, pitcher Wade LeBlanc1-42
CHCTop 42Tony Campana Time Caught Stealing1-41
SDBot 40Orlando Hudson Single, pitcher Ryan Dempster1-41
SDBot 40Chris Denorfia Single, Orlando Hudson to 2nd, pitcher Ryan Dempster1-41
SDBot 40Anthony Rizzo Walk, Chris Denorfia to 2nd, Orlando Hudson to 3rd, pitcher Ryan Dempster1-41
SDBot 40Wade LeBlanc Strikeout, pitcher Ryan Dempster1-42
SDBot 41Cameron Maybin Out Ryan Dempster, Koyie Hill, Jeff Baker, pitcher Ryan Dempster1-41


CHCTop 50Steve Clevenger Double, pitcher Wade LeBlanc1-42
CHCTop 50Ryan Dempster Out Nick Hundley, Alberto Gonzalez, Steve Clevenger to 3rd, pitcher Wade LeBlanc1-41
CHCTop 51Starlin Castro 1-Run Out Will Venable, Steve Clevenger scores, pitcher Wade LeBlanc2-42
CHCTop 52Blake DeWitt Double, pitcher Wade LeBlanc2-42
CHCTop 52Aramis Ramirez Out Chris Denorfia, pitcher Wade LeBlanc2-41
SDBot 50Will Venable Strikeout, pitcher Ryan Dempster2-42
SDBot 51Nick Hundley Out Tony Campana, pitcher Ryan Dempster2-41
SDBot 52Chase Headley Single, pitcher Ryan Dempster2-41
SDBot 52Alberto Gonzalez Strikeout, pitcher Ryan Dempster2-42


CHCTop 60Jeff Baker Strikeout, pitcher Wade LeBlanc2-42
CHCTop 61Reed Johnson Strikeout, pitcher Wade LeBlanc2-42
CHCTop 62Lou Montanez Out Will Venable, pitcher Wade LeBlanc2-41
SDBot 60Chris Denorfia Strikeout, pitcher Ryan Dempster2-42
SDBot 61Anthony Rizzo Out Tony Campana, pitcher Ryan Dempster2-41
SDBot 62Andy Parrino Single, pitcher Ryan Dempster2-41
SDBot 62Wade LeBlanc Single, Andy Parrino to 2nd, pitcher Ryan Dempster2-4-1
SDBot 62Cameron Maybin Walk, Wade LeBlanc to 2nd, Andy Parrino to 3rd, pitcher Ryan Dempster2-41
SDBot 62Will Venable 4-Run Grand Slam, Cameron Maybin scores, Wade LeBlanc scores, Andy Parrino scores, pitcher Ryan Dempster2-810
SDBot 62Nick Hundley Double, pitcher Ramon Ortiz2-82
SDBot 62Chase Headley Out Tony Campana, pitcher Ramon Ortiz2-81


CHCTop 70Tony Campana Out Chris Denorfia, pitcher Wade LeBlanc2-81
CHCTop 71Steve Clevenger Hit By Pitch, pitcher Wade LeBlanc2-8
CHCTop 71Darwin Barney Out Andy Parrino, Alberto Gonzalez, Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Wade LeBlanc2-81
SDBot 70Alberto Gonzalez Walk, pitcher Andrew Cashner2-81
SDBot 70Chris Denorfia Out Starlin Castro, Blake DeWitt, Jeff Baker, pitcher Andrew Cashner2-81
SDBot 72Anthony Rizzo Strikeout, pitcher Andrew Cashner2-82


CHCTop 80Starlin Castro Double, pitcher Ernesto Frieri2-82
CHCTop 80Blake DeWitt Out Chase Headley, pitcher Ernesto Frieri2-81
CHCTop 81DJ LeMahieu Out Andy Parrino, Anthony Rizzo, pitcher Ernesto Frieri2-81
CHCTop 82Jeff Baker Strikeout, pitcher Ernesto Frieri2-82
SDBot 80Andy Parrino Out Reed Johnson, pitcher James Russell2-81
SDBot 81Cameron Maybin Single, Aaron Cunningham to 2nd, pitcher James Russell2-81
SDBot 81Will Venable Strikeout, pitcher James Russell2-82
SDBot 82Nick Hundley Out Jeff Baker, pitcher James Russell2-81


CHCTop 90Tyler Colvin Strikeout, pitcher Brad Brach2-82
CHCTop 91Lou Montanez Out Will Venable, pitcher Brad Brach2-81
CHCTop 92Tony Campana Strikeout, pitcher Brad Brach2-82